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News and Updates  Summer 2017- Fall 2018 Eleana is teaching private and small group classes in Brooklyn! - For more information contact at : eleana@smiling-yoga.com Smiling Yoga was created in 2009, based in a historic neoclassical home in Maroussi, northern Athens. Now Smiling Yoga is based in New York City where Eleana teaches full time in Brooklyn. Smiling Yoga aims to be a supportive, holistic environment to yoga students offering creative, and unique ways of approaching the practice of yoga. In deep gratitude and joy Eleana Kouneli
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The Path to Meditation and Samadhi (self realization) is described as a single drop of water in a small bucket which then drops into a bathtub, a small pond, a lake, a river and then into the vastness of the ocean. "Jean Claude Garnier- Ashtanga Yoga Instructor"